Samsung Gear Start Guide

Before you view:

1. Create an Oculus account

Insert your Samsung smartphone to your GEAR VR headset for the first time, you will be prompted to remove your mobile device from the headset and create an Oculus account. You will need to verify your email address during the process.

2. Get the SamsungVR app

Insert your device into your headset and open the Oculus App.

Download the SamsungVR app from the Oculus App.

Getting a Video:

3. Download a YanksVR Video

You can use your phone or your computer to download a YanksVR video from the members' area. We recommend downloading to your PC then copying to your phone.

Do not rename the videos. This may cause playback problems.

4. Copy or move the video files

Your YanksVR video needs to be in the correct folder on your phone to play. The correct folder is called MilkVR. You will find the folder here: Video\MilkVR, Phone\MilkVR or SD Card\MilkVR.
If you cannot find the \MilkVR folder, you can create it in the root directory.

If you downloaded the video onto your computer, you'll need to connect your phone to your computer via USB to copy the file to the phone. While copying, if given the option to "copy" or "copy and convert", choose copy only. Conversion will make the video unviewable. Your phone must be unlocked while connected to the computer to copy files.

If you downloaded the video on your phone, you'll need to move the file to to the \MilkVR folder.

Viewing the video:

5. Gear Up!

Insert your phone back into your GEAR VR. Load the SamsungVR app.
(If the SamsungVR app is not in your direct view, find the library icon (represented by an icon of an open book) and select it using the touchpad).
In the top horizontal menu, look for "Device" (represented by an icon of a folder), then select "Sideloaded" from the list of menu options. Select the video you want to view using the Gear touchpad.

Samsung Gear VR Porn Trouble Shooting

Video looks flat or wonky.

You need to ensure the video is playing in the proper screen type, which differs for 360 or 3D.
The device may automatically detect this for you, but if not, you can easily change the screen type.
While viewing the video, press the touchpad on the Gear. This will bring up the video player information such as play, pause, rewind, etc. Below the movie information, you will see a cube icon. That is the screentype selector.
Select screentype selector with your touchpad and change accordingly.

For 360 videos, you should be viewing in _mono360.
For 3D videos, you should be viewing in 180x180_3dh.

How can we help you?

Purchase a headset. A few popular options:

  • HTC Vive - Best Viewing Experience OR
  • Samsung Gear - Better Viewing Experience OR
  • Google Cardboard - Most Cost Efficient
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