Oculus Rift Start Guide

Before you view:

1. Install the Oculus Runtime for Windows

Download and install the Oculus Runtime for Windows for your computer, if you haven't already from https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/

2. Install DeoPlayer

Download and install DeoPlayer for oculus: DeoPlayer.

Getting a Video:

3. Download a YanksVR Video

Download a YanksVR video to your computer in the folder of your choosing.

Viewing the a Video:

4. Open DeoPlayer

Open the DeoPlayer software on your computer.

5.Put on your headset and nagivate to the video in DeoPlayer

If DeoPlayer isn't visible, press the B button on your controller. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the video(s) you want to view.

6.Select the video

Once you've found the video you want to play, press the A button on your controller.

Ensure settings are correct for 360 or 180 viewing.

While on the actual video screen, click the A button on your controller to change settings. Be sure that 180 or 360 is selected depending on the video. You will never use Flat.

If viewing a 180 video, ensure side-by-side is selected.
If the video looks wonky, you need to ensure the settings are correct for your video.

Oculus Rift VR Porn Trouble Shooting

Video looks flat or wonky.

You need to ensure the video is playing in the proper screen type, which differs for 360 or 3D.
The device may automatically detect this for you, but if not, you can easily change the screen type.
While viewing the video, press the A button on your controller. This will bring up the video player information such as play, pause, rewind, etc. Below the movie information, you will see a video type options: 180, 360 or Flat.
You will never use Flat.
If viewing a 180 video, ensure side-by-side is selected.

How can we help you?

Purchase a headset. A few popular options:

  • HTC Vive - Best Viewing Experience OR
  • Samsung Gear - Better Viewing Experience OR
  • Google Cardboard - Most Cost Efficient
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